Livalo (Pitavastatin)

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Buy Livalo Canada | What is Pitavastatin?

Buy Livalo canada | What is  Pitavastatin, its normally used along with a proper diet to help lower “bad” cholesterol and fats. It works by reducing the amount of cholesterol made by the liver. Lowering “bad” cholesterol and  triglycerides and raising “good” cholesterol decreases the risk of  heart disease and helps prevent strokes and heart attacks.

How does Pitavastatin work?

Pitavastatin is a statin. Statins are cholesterol-lowering medications that help to lower “bad” cholesterol (called LDL) by blocking cholesterol production in the liver. Statins can also raise “good” cholesterol (called HDL)

How do I take Pitavastatin ?

Pitavastatin comes in the form of tablet which one can take with or without food, but take it at the same time each day.

Buy Livalo Canada | What are the side effects of Pitavastatin?

The most commonly reported  effects related to pitavastatin use include back pain, constipation, diarrhea, myalgia, pains,  dark brown urine, severe muscle weakness or pain, fever, tiredness, little urination, swelling in your hands or feet, feeling tired. Buy Livalo Canada